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Reliability Safety Capacity

Solar Smart Optimizer

The Solar(PV) optimizer converts low current into high current as required by the series circuit, and finally connects the output of each power optimizer in series to a sink or inverter.

The optimizer monitors and optimizes the electrical power of each PV panel. Even if any panel in the array has a mismatch problem, the other panels can still output the maximum power, thus compensating for the power loss due to the mismatch problem.

Reliability Safety Capacity

Solar Micro Inverter

Equip each solar cell with an independent micro-inverter. This allows the system to adapt to changing load and weather conditions, thus enabling optimal conversion efficiency for individual solar cells and the system as a whole.

PV power systems with microinverter architecture simplify wiring, which translates into lower installation costs and increased efficiency of the solar power system, thus reducing the time required to recoup the initial investment.

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600w 800w Solar Smart power Optimizer

Reliability Safety Capacity

Solar Rapid Shutdown

With the increase in photovoltaic systems, more and more firefighters are requiring the installation of “fire switches” to reduce the risk of electrocution when working in photovoltaic systems.

Since PV systems are electrically charged equipment, the voltage is high when generating electricity, and there is always current in the equipment and circuit, in previous PV system fire accidents, even if the grid power is turned off and the inverter is automatically shut down, the wire from the module to the inverter or controller is still charged, and the DC high voltage is a huge potential hazard to personal safety.

In an emergency, the Rapid Shutdown (RSD) function reduces the module voltage to a safe voltage to achieve rapid shutdown at the module level, providing a higher level of personal safety for owners, installation and maintenance personnel, and firefighters.

Reliability Safety Capacity

Solar Connectors Accessories

In the photovoltaic system, connectors, although a small percentage, but many links need to be used! Many construction personnel do not know enough about connectors, it may cause equipment failure. Many construction personnel do not know enough about the connector, it may cause equipment failure. In the entire PV system DC side voltage is usually as high as 600-1000V, once the PV module connector connector loose, poor contact, it is easy to cause DC arcing phenomenon.

Modules connectors, and busbar and string inverter connected to the connector plug is a frequent place of failure. Although the connector is small, but very important in the photovoltaic power generation system, especially in the operation and maintenance process after the completion of the power plant, to focus on its operational status. The heating phenomenon of the connector plug should be checked regularly to ensure no abnormalities and normal operation.

Solar Accessories from Sunpvsolar

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